Web Designer vs Free Website Service

Web Designer vs Free Website Service

With the growing importance of companies having an online presence, free website services have started to emerge.  Now comes the battle of the Web designer vs Free website service!  Don’t get me wrong, anything that says FREE is worth a look into when you are thinking about building your company website.  But the truth of the matter is nothing is ever FREE when it comes to building a presence online and being able to keep up with the competition.  Free website services do have the advantage of not costing you anything upfront to get your company online, but after that then what?  Your company website address will normally be something like mywebsite.freewebsiteservices.com and if there is another company out there with the same name then it will look like this mywebsite2.freewebsiteservices.com.  To me, this is the first problem with a free service.  You DO NOT actually own the website!  You can’t switch this website to another hosting company or transfer a domain.  Your website is in fact an extension of whatever free service site you are hosted at.

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Search Engine Optimization Costs

The second issue is that once your site is built, the cost of Search Engine Optimization or SEO to get your site listed in those first few pages of the google searh engine can end up costing thousands and generally need to be through a separate vendor.  When using a web designer SEO is something that will be considered from the beginning of the project through the end.  Having a website that will rank well in search engines can drive tons of new customers or clients to your business with minimal effort by you!  A lot of customers have come to us after using a free service and have not noticed a difference in the amount of business coming through their doors.  The reason behind this is the free service they used did not include SEO and when they were done, their site was listed on the 19th page of Google when searching for the products their company offered.  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I have ever done business with a company that was not listed in the first few pages of my search engine.

Web Designer vs free website services


Another major factor in the Web designer vs Free website service battle is the fact that most free website services still use flash.  For those of you not familiar with flash, it is the updates you are always seeing on your computer from adobe.  It is the reason you cannot watch certain videos or view certain animation on an Apple device.  Apple products do not use flash and with the arrival of CSS3 and HTML5 it is a thing of the past for most websites.  The biggest problem with flash is the fact that last year alone Apple sold 50 million devices that DO NOT use flash!   That is 50 million people that will probably never be able to view your website properly.  Thats a HUGE number and something to really consider when thinking about a web designer vs free website service.  Having a website that is compatible across all devices and looks great on all devices is probably one of the most important features you will need to be successful with your online business.

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Last but not least is the actual design of the page.  When comparing a web designer vs free website service you always have to consider that when building your site with the free service, the likely hood of someone else having the same template site you have is extremely high!  Google and other search engines will take this into consideration when placing companies in their search engines and in what order they appear.  Sure, a good SEO company can help off set the impact a template site will have on search results, but that is more money spent on something that was supposed to be FREE.  If it was my company, I would want my site to be unique.  Having a unique site is just one more thing that will put you ahead of your competitors.  In conclusion when thinking about a web designer vs free website service, just know that there is not a lot of benefit in going the free route because of lack of uniqueness and costs that you will accumulate to get customers to visit your site once the site is finished.  Having a designer build your business site is still the best way to go, price wise and to get the best results!  I guess the best things in life are not always FREE like they say!

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