How do I get my website on the first page of Google

How do I get my website on the front page of Google?

Every business has asked themselves the same thing, How do I get my website on the front page of Google?  We are going to try and make it as easy to understand as we possibly can.  After all, SEO is something most people have no idea how it works.  So you have paid a designer XXX amount of dollars to build your company a website!  You are all excited that now you are going to be able to gain online customers!  Weeks go by and you barely notice a difference in new business and when you search for whatever goods or services you are offering on the web, you do not see your company anywhere!!!  How could this be?  You were sure that building your business a website would help generate revenue from the online market.  What most small businesses do not know is that SEO (Search Engine Optimzation) plays a huge role in the visibility of your website to potential customers.  If you take a look at today’s market, we are seeing more and more people staying home and ordering merchandise and services from the web.

So what do you do to compete and be in those first pages of google?  The first step of being successful with driving traffic to your site is having a designer who has built your website with SEO in mind.  Yes, SEO starts with the initial design of the page!  Most designers will have this in mind when they build your site, but even after it is done you still need to be able to update your site with new content  and SEO practices on a regular basis.  This is where most companies struggle.  Knowing the right keywords to use and how to use them is something that takes time to learn and know how to incorporate in your website.  Companies like, Google, Yahoo Search and Bing have become more keen to the tactics alot of SEO Experts use and are now penalizing the sites that use them.

A lot of companies also have the idea that they have to spend hundreds of dollars per month in Google Adwords to stay on those first couple of pages.  This is just not true.  With proper usage of keywords and updating your site’s content regularly, along with a few other things to help your page performance and speed,  you can stay on those first few pages and not spend a penny on Adwords.   If you have any questions about how SEO can help your business, please give us a call or send us a message and we will be glad to give you the information you need to make a good decision and move forward with your online presence!